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    What'sapp/Mobile : +86-13424444132


    Expert of large precise moulds

    MORE +

    Expert of large precise moulds

    The company has always been to promote made in china to creat in China as enterprise's vision, to lead science and technology innovation and devepment of global mould industry as enterprises mission, to research, develop and manufacture high precision and sophisticated injection mould for the world top 500 companies as enterprises development goals, to assure quality and satisfy customers as the enterprises production and management guiding ideology. We will always be cautious and conscientious and meticulous to provide our clients with qualified products and satistactory service.

    45,000Square meter

    Welcome to contact us, let's discuss your mould project together!

    BOWIN—Precision Injection Mold Scheme Provider

    Not only moulds, but also responsible for rapid mass production of products.

    Service Hotline: 86-0519-86228789




    In the process of R&D, design and production of high-precision and cutting-edge injection moulds, the company has been supported and rewarded by the relevant innovation funds of the state, provinces and municipalities successively.

    Automotive interior and exterior Trim mould Automotive interior and exterior Trim mould
    Household appliances mould Household appliances mould


    The company has more than fifty advanced professional equipments and ERP project management system.



    Key Key Die and Mold Enterprises in Jiangsu Province

    High-tech Enterprises

    Changzhou Precision Injection Mold Engineering Research Center

    Vice-President Unit

    Shanghai Stock Trust Trading Center

    Top Ten Pioneers of Entrepreneurship

    Fine Model Award First Prize


    Winning fully respects customers'wishes and fully meets customers' needs
    Provide the best solution for new and old customers

    1+1 window frame die design structure is complex and difficult to produce. Our professional team breaks through technical barriers

    The design structure of 1+1 window frame mould is complex and difficult to produce. Our professional team broke through the technical barriers and took the lead in adopting 1+1 window frame mould production in China in 2015.


    Major Die Experience

    SAIC Volkswagen VW511, SAIC GM D2JB-I& E2SB& E2UL& A2LL& 9BYB& 9BYC, Guangzhou Automobile Fick K4& K8 Jaguar Land Rover X540& L551, Weilai Automobile ES8, Singularity T1…


    Project Planning Control

    According to customer's requirements, project manager feedback customer's project progress weekly, hold project meeting in time to solve the problems affecting the progress of mould, and form a closed loop for each problem.


    Major customers

    Bowin's long-term cooperated customer brands mainly are:
    Volvo, German BMW, Tesla in North America, Japanese Toyota, SVW, SGMW, SAIC, JLR, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Citroen, MG, Jeep, GAC FCA, etc.

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